Blockbuster! Guangbo appraised as "outstanding contribution brand"
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On the afternoon of April 10, 2018 "my Ningbo brand" and "brand Ningbo's annual personage" award ceremony was held in Nanyuan hotel. At the meeting, Guangbo Group was appraised "outstanding contribution brand". Group president Wang Liping won the title of “brand person of the year”.

It is understood that this selection activity is sponsored by Ningbo Brand Building Promotion Association, etc. The aim is to publicize and promote Ningbo's excellent local brands, explore and recommend Ningbo local potential brand, and explore the way forward in serving enterprise brand. Through the public voting and expert review sessions, 159 companies and 102 people were voted. Finally, the outstanding contribution brand, the best word of mouth brand, consumers love brand, the most potential brand, brand annual meritorious figure, brand annual influence character, brand new year top figure, and brand industry outstanding figures of the year were selected.

For a long time, Guangbo has been committed to diversified brand building and development strategies. Based on Guangbo brand, also guided by market and consumption, it has set up fashion life stationery brand kinbor and fashion office stationery brand fizz. It has also established the brand strategy of deep integration of creative design and stationery manufacturing. Through the establishment of design centers in the United States, Japan and other places, and the network of illustrators around the world, etc., it has completed a large number of cultural elements on the product. The brand culture has been continuously enriched and thick. The awarded "outstanding contribution brand" is the best proof of Guangbo deepening brand concept.

In the future, Guangbo will continue to consolidate the brand foundation, tap the brand potential and explore brand depth. Concentrate on achieving the strategic goals of high-end, fashion and internationalization of Guangbo Group and its brands, to realize brand promoting enterprise development, promote industrial upgrading by enterprise development, and realize the ultimate strategy of brand promotion by industrial upgrading.

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